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Prof Ulrike Schmidt

Prof Ulrike Schmidt - MD PhD FRCPsych FAED - FREED-Mobile Lead (she/her)

Ulrike is the Professor of Eating Disorders at King’s College London and a Consultant Psychiatrist at the South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust. A key focus of her research is the development of brief scalable interventions. She has led the development of MANTRA, a NICE-recommended psychotherapy and of FREED, a multi-award winning early intervention programme. She has also pioneered the use of novel brain-directed treatments in eating disorders. She is the Principal Investigator (PI) of FREED-Mobile.

Dr Helen Sharpe

Dr Helen Sharpe - Senior Lecturer (she/her)

Helen is a senior lecturer in applied psychology at the University of Edinburgh. Her research is focused on understanding what things put young people at risk of developing poor body image and disordered eating behaviours as they grow up. She has also developed body image programmes for use in secondary schools. Outside of work, Helen can be found tramping around the Pentland Hills or swimming in the sea. She is the co-principal investigator (PI) of FREED-Mobile.

Dr Karina Allen

Dr Karina Allen - Consultant Clinical Psychologist (she/her)

Karina is a Consultant Clinical Psychologist in the outpatient adult eating disorder service at the South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust. She also conducts research through King’s College London. Karina has helped lead the England-wide scaling of FREED, the early intervention programme for emerging adults with a recent onset eating disorder. She is a Co-Investigator (CI) of FREED-Mobile.

Caroline Pimblett

Caroline Pimblett - Specialist Dietitian (she/her)

Caroline is a Specialist Dietitian in the outpatient adult eating disorder service at the South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust. She has been working with people with eating disorders for many years and can’t imagine doing anything else. She is always exploring ways to help guide people towards more relaxed and enjoyable healthy eating. Outside of work she is a passable cook and gets a lot of pleasure from her small garden.

Ms Dina Monssen

Ms Dina Monssen - Research Worker (she/her)

Dina is a Research Worker on the FREED-Mobile study and is here to help you with any questions. She has been working as a researcher on various different eating disorders projects for over four years, looking at both the genetic and environmental influences of these conditions. In her free time she likes to be outside in the sun, go swimming, and pet all the neighborhood cats.

Dr Molly Davies

Dr Molly Davies - Postdoctoral Research Associate (she/her)

Molly joined the FREED-Mobile study in July 2022 after completing her PhD at King’s College London. Her prior research was looking at the utility of large-scale, online research studies to better understand mental health disorders and treatment outcomes. She is interested in clinical psychology and in applying her previous experience to delivering the online FREED-M intervention. When she is not doing research, she can be found rowing, listening to podcasts, or reading in a park.

Dr Rachel Potterton

Dr Rachel Potterton - Postdoctoral Research Associate (she/her)

Rachel joined the FREED-Mobile study in March 2021, working primarily on intervention development. Prior to this, she completed her PhD with Prof Ulrike Schmidt at King’s College London. Her research focused on developmentally-informed treatment models for emerging adults with eating disorders. She has since moved on to Royal Holloway University of London, where she is completing clinical psychology training.

Ms Luiza Grycuk

Ms Luiza Grycuk - Research Worker (she/her)

Luiza worked as a Research Worker at the Eating Disorders Unit. She was involved in the development of the FREED-Mobile intervention and ran a study investigating the use of non-invasive brain stimulation and cognitive training to reduce food cravings.

Priya Popat

Priya Popat - Research Worker

Priya worked as a Research Worker for the FREED-M study where she interviewed individuals with lived experience to examine their attitudes and experiences with early and online interventions for eating disorders. She previously worked in numerous research projects surrounding ADHD, exercise addiction and major depressive disorder.

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